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Structural design

Structural engineering is the backbone of all infrastructure. It ensures the stability, safety and longevity of the structures in our communities. Have confidence that your project will have a solid foundation.
MPN Consulting understands the critical role that precise structural engineering plays in the success of a project – as poor service can lead to costly delays, safety hazards and long-term issues.

Our services

Our expertise

> Feasibility studies

> Concept design

> Full design and documentation

> Dilapidation reports

> Due diligence reports

> On-site verification

> Construction staging and planning

> Value engineering

> Peer reviews

Our expertise

> Reinforced, precast and post tensioned concrete

> High rise structures

> Complex structures

> Mass timber

> Steel and composite structures

> Deep basement and shoring

> Foundations and difficult ground conditions

> Temporary works and construction staging

> Dynamic and lateral analysis

Structural engineering projects

Our expert team goes beyond conventional approaches by offering creative solutions to complex problems. We ensure that we meet the unique demands of your project on time and in budget – efficiently and with strong aesthetics.

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