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MPN Consulting is a specialist structural, civil and flood engineering consulting firm. We have the capability and experience to provide engineering services for projects of almost any type, size and location.

Our areas of focus

>  Multi-residential developments

>  Land subdivisions and development

>  High-rise buildings
>  Mixed-use development

>  Defence barracks

>  Retail developments

>  Retail developments

>  Large scale commercial facilities

>  Large scale commercial facilities

>  Community spaces

>  Roadworks and bridges

>  Carparks

>  Airports

>  Food processing plants

>  Food processing plants

>  Sporting Facilities

>  Sporting Facilities

>  Public Buildings

>  Hotels
>  Correctional Facilities

>  Schools and universities

>  Aged care communities

>  Hospitals and medical centres

Our services


Structural engineering is an integral part of all development. It ensures the stability, safety and longevity of the structures in our communities.
Have confidence that your project will have a solid foundation. MPN Consulting understands the critical role that precise structural engineering plays in the success of a project.


Civil engineering is the cornerstone of modern society, shaping the environments in which we live and work. MPN Consulting provides civil engineering services steeped in practicality and innovation. Trust that your project is in capable hands. 

Flood Planning | MPN Consulting

Flood Planning

MPN have an experienced team in flood modelling, overland flows and stormwater management. We take the lead and working seamlessly with consultant teams to complete assessments for development applications, master planning and construction requirements.

BIM | MPN Consulting

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

MPN utilise Revit Structure and 12d Civil in the design development in the structural and civil space. Model sharing provides a seamless collaboration between your project team and consultants. The centralised project data assists in delivering accurate documentation and a significant reduction in duplicated modelling efforts. The result is reduced project risks, lower costs and improved timelines.


Civil infrastructure  >  Commercial  >  Community infrastructure  >  Defence  >  Education  >  Health & aged care  >  Industrial  >  Residential  >  Retail  >  Land development