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Our Changing Leadership Team: Meet Rob
12 December, 2023

Our changing Leadership Team

With over 20 years of experience as a structural engineer, Rob is now stepping into the role of Managing Director at MPN.

Rob brings with him a vision to navigate the industry’s evolving challenges and opportunities – especially with the 2032 Brisbane Olympics on the horizon.

Rob has been with MPN since his university work experience back in 2002, and we welcomed him as a Director in 2017. His approach to projects is hands-on and proactive; we often say that Rob is the person everyone always wants to work with!

“I truly believe that we can achieve exceptional results without stress and pressure, and above all, that work should be enjoyable,” Rob shares.

Rob’s experience at MPN

In his two decades at MPN, Rob has been our go-to for leading large-scale retail, commercial and community projects. He credits his long-standing career at MPN to our ability to offer something different – including: 

Strong team dynamics and a wealth of experience within the company, available to draw from every day 

A long-term client base, with positive relationships that ensure beneficial outcomes for everyone involved in a project 

Projects that provide opportunities to learn, especially those that are large-scale, complex and technical. 

Rob’s time at MPN has seen him grow into a true industry leader – developing meticulous projectplanning skills and the capacity to resolve complex engineering problems. 

“Over the years, I’ve learnt how important it is to get the form of buildings correct and spend time at the start of a project reviewing options. It’s actually the part I enjoy the most,” he says. 

About Rob

A sports lover through and through, Rob is a major Broncos fan (like any true Queenslander). However, it’s watching his kids play on the weekends – and sometimes joining them on the field – that truly makes him smile.


What’s next for Rob and MPN

As Managing Director, Rob will work with the other MPN Directors to achieve our strategic goals. His focus will be on ensuring that we stay agile in a changing business landscape:

Continue MPN’s journey to being a leader in sustainable and community-minded engineering design. 

Make MPN an even better place to work for our dedicated team – focusing on projects that our people can thrive on. 

Develop inspired solutions to address the high construction costs and workforce shortages in the industry. 

With so many opportunities on the horizon, including major construction related to the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane, both our team and clients trust Rob to deliver at the highest level.

As Rob takes on his new role, his aspirations for MPN’s future and professional capabilities resonate with our core values of innovation, sustainability and excellence.