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What our leadership changes in 2024 mean for our clients
20 February, 2024

What our leadership changes in 2024 mean for our clients

We’re making sure that we always serve the best interests of our clients and communities.

Whos the new leadership team at MPN? 

With our recent announcement of MPN’s leadership change, we want to provide some additional insight into what it means for our clients.  

While Simon Pikusa continues to be part of the MPN family, he will now step into an MPN consulting role. Simon’s deep knowledge and experience will be available to support and mentor the MPN technical teams, and he will still collaborate with our clients on major projects. 

The new leadership team consists of: 

Rob Burns 

Rob has stepped up as Managing Director. He will continue to use his unique skill set to deliver successful outcomes for our clients. As Managing Director, he’ll also be instrumental in leading and growing the MPN business well into the future.  

Lachlan Stephenson 

Lachlan continues as a Director, with the added responsibility of Company Secretary. He brings a unique perspective and 15 years of extensive civil engineering experience to our clients’ complex projects. Lachlan will also partner with Rob to drive the direction of the business. 

Ken Roberts 

Ken remains in his role as Director, which he has had for more than two decades. As before, he will help guide the MPN Board and provide valuable knowledge and support to MPN’s clients. 

What’s different from a client’s perspective? 

As you know, MPN’s Directors and Senior Associates are deeply involved in all our projects. Our goal is to keep delivering on all fronts, to ensure successful outcomes for our valued clients. The only difference for our partners is that we’ll strive to be even better at what we do!  

Why the change in leadership at MPN?  

With Simon transitioning into an MPN consulting role, we saw an opportunity to reinvigorate our team. We were excited to promote Rob, Lachlan and other dedicated and accomplished senior team members – enabling them to provide fresh insights into where MPN is headed. 

One of MPN’s greatest strengths is our ability to train and mentor our employees, often over many years. Both Rob and Lachlan started at MPN as graduates. Their career paths have provided an opportunity to lead and positively shape our business into the future. 

With Ken’s experience and ongoing leadership, and Rob and Lachlan’s exciting visions for our future, MPN will remain at the forefront of design, engineering and service. 

What’s next in 2024? 

This will be a year of continued company growth and a strategic direction that’s committed to challenging, transforming and delivering for our clients and our communities. 

Our recent company rebrand has reflected our goal of pushing boundaries, and we’re looking forward to further successful collaboration with all our partners.