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Meet MPN Director Ken Roberts
15 September, 2021

To continue our introductions to the people behind the MPN name, we have Director, Ken Roberts. We asked Ken a few questions to help our community get to know him better. Find out more about Ken’s professional career here. Click here to watch the video on LinkedIn and view a few more pictures of Ken.

How did you come to work with MPN and how long have you been with the company?

In early 1997 I had discussions with a former Director at MPN whilst working in Hong Kong. In late 1999 I returned to Australia with my family and started my journey with MPN.

What’s your most favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning?

An early morning wake up to enjoy a leisurely walk around the sites of New Farm with my partner and our pet, Missy the Greyhound. On route a coffee at Death before Decaf on Brunswick St. and then home for breakfast followed by 9 holes of golf.

What has been your most challenging project to work on?

Citic Plaza Guangzhou was a 80 storey office building completed in 1996. Our design included a 40m x 40m fully suspended temporary steel trussed deck to support the 1m thick transfer floor and the 8m deep by 1.8m wide superstructure transfer beams.

What is most rewarding about your role?

There is great enjoyment in creating something in your mind and translating that into simple pencil sketches. The end achievement and success from those initial thoughts and drawings comes some years later.

Do you have any advice you’d like to pass on to those beginning their journey in the world of engineering?

Be passionate and inquisitive and learn to solve problems from different angles. Don’t be afraid to ask questions but think about possible solutions before asking. Learn simple rules of thumb like span/depth ratio’s for various structural elements. The art of knowing what feels right before committing to computer analysis should be mastered. Stay focused and use your time well.